Bar Harbor 1885

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 The Gilded Age : 

Bar Harbor, with its wealthy and powerful summer visitors, had become a rival with Newport, Rhode Island as the place to be seen and to play in the 1880's through the first part of 20th century. President Taft could be seen playing golf at Kebo Golf Club in August, 1910. The garden parties at the Pot & Kettle club were attended by ladies and gentleman in the beautiful long dresses and attire of the time. Robin Hood Park - Morrell Park was the place for a great afternoon of horse racing.
At the museum, all of these events and more are documented by pictures and artifacts.

What do the USS Saratoga, Kronprinzessin Cecile, USS Richard, Dirigible Shenandoah and the QEII have in common? These ships and dirigible all visited Bar Harbor from 1881 to 1981. The latter being the first visit of the QEII. Some stops were planned, others were not. Come and see the circumstances of their visits and the artifacts left behind.