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You are invited to join the Bar Harbor Historical Society to become part of a great team of historically and community oriented individuals.

Membership Rates:
Regular members - $20.00
Patron members - $50.00

Membership Benefits:
Voting privileges at annual meeting
Free admission to special programs
10% discount on museum purchases

Dues and contributions are entirely tax deductible.

Board of Directors:

President - Sherwood Carr
Vice-President - Richard Cough
Secretary/Treasurer - Deborah M. Dyer

Curator -
Deborah M. Dyer

Directors -
Tom Alley
Mary K. Brown
Philip R. Cunningham
Dottie Cooke
Kathy MacLeod
Tom Testa
M. Janie Whitney
Estelle M. Megquier

Honorary Directors-
Florence Ames
Lois T. Frazier
Richard Libby
Rev. Edwin Garrett

Mission Statement
Bar Harbor Historical Society is a non-profit organization that strives to collect, preserve, promote and celebrate the history of our community.